Time Management

Time & Attendance

Infinigent Timesheet is efficiently organizing employee data‚ improves workforce management and helps you minimize attendance policy errors. This system feature allows employees to enter and then submit Timesheet containing the number of hours they have worked on specific projects and activities. Both these features provide HR / Project team with the ability to view detailed Project Man-hours data and monitor employee's attendance.

Solutions We Offer

This system offers a fully automated solution to easily track employees paid time-off, vacation, sick days or other custom time-off types. All requests must be submitted through the system, which eliminates manual time-off processes and the risk of errors. Time-Off will take care of your accruals, carry-overs and all other confusing calculations.

Validation rule

Define minimum hours/ max hours/ Overtime cap for weekend, week days & public holidays


Define Individual Man-hours limit for a day/ Month /Project

Biometric integration

Integrate with any biometric systems to capture employee attendance and generate accurate reports.

Project Billing

The combination of the employee rate and a compensation rule determines the cost of using a particular employee on a project.

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