Drive and Improve performance in your teams

Build and Manage a High Performance Organization

Boost your employee's productivity, profitability and engagement through meaningful, constructive and ongoing performance management.

Infinigent’s performance management approach is to ensure that employees do find value in their HR software. We make it easy for HR to implement a comprehensive employee performance system that incorporates real time feedbacks and peer feedback into performance management. Easy to customize templates, flexible rating scales and advanced administration dashboard allows for easy to manage the performance cycle.

Helps in building a world-class company culture driven by employee recognition.

Clear goals and objectives are key to improving employee recognition and engagement. But that is only when employees know what their organizational goals are and how their contribution matters. Use Infinigent to lay out goals and objectives.

Goal Setting

Align the goals of the organization with that of individual employees. Save time and effort, higher employee engagement.


Ranking your employees on a scale in order to differentiate top performers from low performers and to ensure consistency.


Allows both the employee and the manager(s) to rate the employee on a wide range of skills and scorecard, complete the review on time, with electronic record keeping for fast retrieval.

Reward Management

Ensure high performers are recognized and rewarded in a meaningful way by equipping managers with the data and communications tools they need to distribute compensation in an objective, transparent manner.
High-quality data visualisation, through dynamic charts that can be drilled into straight across devices.

Powerful analytical reporting capabilities

Employee Performance Tracking Software
Employee Performance Management
Employee Performance Management
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