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Infinigent Payroll that allows you to process payroll in real-time, ensuring 100% accuracy, flexibility and control. Real-time synchronization with all HCM modules and robust reporting addresses your toughest payroll processing problems.

It supports multi-company workforce, as well as, cater for an unlimited number of organization levels. The system features user-friendly functionality for the payment and handling of salaries, overtime, additions and deductions.

The time your HR team spend on payroll is one less hour for you to promote and market your business, serve customers, and drive revenue and growth. Put that time to better use by making the move to Infinigent payroll, our flexible online payroll and HR solution. It’s exceptionally easy to use — so you’ll be free to focus more of your time and talent on what you value most.

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Retro pay

This will give more extra time and peace of mind to your payroll team. Processing retroactive payroll allows you to set up salary adjustments, apply the adjustments to historical timecards for pay adjustments that affect time periods prior to the one in which you are currently working.
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Fully Integrated

Two separate departments gathering, storing, and using the same information independently makes for duplication of efforts, possibility for human error. Infinigent allows both human resources and payroll staff to access the same information without duplicate paperwork or files, creating efficiencies that save time and money and reduce liability.
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Reduction in Costs

One of the obvious benefits of integrating payroll with related systems is a reduction in administrative costs. When duplication of paperwork, data, and efforts is eliminated, your company is saving money on salaries, supplies, and system resources.
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Management Information

Infinigent provide top executives the relevant information to take decision on the spot. Comparisons of personnel cost with the previous month, slice and dice the payroll data into granular level to get the insight.
Make hourly, salaried, and flat rate payments
Time tracking and overtime calculations
Online/Offline Pay slips
Additions and deductions
Ability to generate standard reports to monitor employee data
Monitor excessive gross pay during payroll processing
Multiple payroll processing.
Option to export reports in a variety of formats such an Excel or PDF
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