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Incentive Management

A sales incentive plan is a way to motivate and reward salespeople for reaching and exceeding their sales goals. It's used in addition to a standard compensation plan. Infinigent’s Incentive management is a scalable and highly flexible solution designed for complex compensation modes, large-volume calculations, and Incentive process automation.

How to create a plan?

incentive planning

Plan Definition

  • Set Sales Target
  • Set Incentive Budget
  • Set the Plan Type: Standard or Recurring

Incentive Tier

  • Create Flexible Incentive Tiers
  • Set Incentive Calculation based on Attainment % (and) (or) Performance Rating

How to manage the plan?

incentive plan
High-quality data visualisation, through dynamic charts that can be drilled into straight across devices.

Powerful analytical reporting capabilities

Incentive analysis
Incentive analysis
Incentive analysis

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