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Evaluation and Survey

Employee feedback is one way you can make experiences truly transformative, through the quality of the connections and conversations. By developing the feedback muscles and making it a shared accountability to be great at delivering and receiving feedback, we can create distinctive employee experiences. Organizations with better employee experiences see:
  • More engaged workers, which improves performance and boosts team morale – The Harvard Business Review found that happier employees have an average of 31% higher productivity and 37% higher sales.
  • A strong company culture that attracts new employees based on shared values and job satisfaction.
  • A decrease in employee turnover or human resource churn.
  • Great employee experiences start from the day of onboarding to the day of departure.

Easy to set-up.
Easy to scale

Using our templates, you can be up and running with your feedback project quickly. Scaling up is just as easy, whether you're assessing 10 people or 10,000. Use Excel to add participants in bulk, review progress with ease, and send reminders with a click of a button.

Create effective leaders and teams

Too often managers don’t have the tools and insights needed to support their team’s performance and development. This can negatively impact innovation, output, and engagement levels company-wide. Use Infinigent evaluations for clearer feedback and share clear organization goals with all, engaged employees are motivated to be effective at their jobs.

Clearer feedback reports

With a comprehensive and personalized view of what’s valued most by your employees, you can take the right actions to have a meaningful impact on culture, retention, and performance at your organization. Easy to understand and use Clearly prioritized Focused on the end goal The result? Less time and money spent interpreting the results; more focus and energy given to planning and taking action
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